Is Multiplatform Media Upholding Journalistic Ethics and Ideals?

If someone where to say “the ethics and ideals in multiplatform media journalism have never been better”, I would have to disagree.

With the Journalistic environment in such flux with the increase of blogs and citizen journalist’s, traditional ethics are failing to evolve with the medium.

Traditional Journalism ethical guidelines have been in Australia since 1944. These where first written by the Australian Journalism Association (AJA). The AJA have since been incorporated into the MEAA, along with their codes.

A figure who is trying to create the definitions of these ethics and ideals for multimedia is the Director of the Global Business Journalism Program, Rick Dunham.

Dunham’s has had experience in both print media and online media, being a veteran political journalist.

In Dunham’s blog he has posted he posted an article entitled “Professor Dunham’s Ten Commandments for journals ethics in a multi media world.

In this he outlines some great “commandments” about sincerity and how to act appropriately and professionally online.

These include “Thou shalt avoid gratuitous personal attacks”, and “ Thou shalt live in a glass house”.

These ethical codes are not covered in most journalism ethics especially about being transparent and trustworthy. Mostly the codes reflect and show if the writer is to be trusted and if their opinion is valid and accurate.

These ethical codes given by Dunham are a first step in the evolution of ethics within multimedia journalism. But until these or similar rules are adhered to, I can’t say that ethics and ideals are better now than ever.

I found that this video explains the points I have made.



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